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    a vocational day service for adults with learning disabilities, using green and household activities as the basis for a variety of learning and creative opportunities.  


 Meet the GreenHouse staff: left to right - Stuart, Caroline (co-ordinator) and Tracy.

GreenHouse provides a day service Monday to Friday 9:30 to 3:30, 51 weeks per year. 

Our aim is to help each member of our team fulfil their potential and become more independent.

We aim our sights high and encourage indivduals to try new challenges and develop skills in a safe, managed, creative environment.  We help our team members to develop skills to live independently and contribute to their community.

The GreenHouse offers gardening on our own allotment and in the Centre's two acres of grounds, training in hospitality and catering, the opportunity to create things for sale as well as a focus on healthy living, healthy eating and enjoying the 400 acres of Country Park around us. 

Every day has a varied programme with three themes running through:  work skills, independent living and personal development.  With a choice of activities team members have the opportunity to develop skills within their own areas of interest and try something new.

Our team members are involved in planning every aspect of their day, with guidance from experienced and enthusiastic staff.  Take lunch time.  It starts with making healthy choices, menu setting, budgeting, creating a shopping list and shopping, both online and at the local supermarket.  Then the team prepares the food, learning about food hygiene and health & safety (we ran a Food Hygiene course for the people we support) before serving it up.  We don't buy all of our food - some comes from our allotment.

The allotment is a working environment which provides many learning opportunities.  It can be hard work but there is nothing more satisfying than picking, cooking and eating fruit or vegetables you have grown.  Again, everyone is onvovled in all aspects of what goes on, from path laying and building raised beds to planting seeds and watering.  We aim to grow vegetables to cook and eat on site and have some surplus to sell.

Each year we have a stall at Manor Farm, selling some of the things we have made or grown, including bird tables and birdboxes, trugs and planters, jams and sweets.  This year we'll  have some new product lines so look out!  Creative design activities are important at the GreenHouse, learning how to follow instructions and work with others, create things that we can be proud of.  Selling our wares is great for self esteem!

We work with Manor Farm Country Park: the GreenHouse Team producing all of the bird seed bags sold at the Farm Museum.  We also work with Eastleigh Borough Council and Alupro to recycle aluminium foil.  All of the foil in the Borough of Eastleigh comes to the Centre; our team sorts it, bales it and sends it on.  Both of these tasks need quality control, teaching our team the importance of following a procedure and doing a job properly

Staff and GreenHouse team members work together to make sure everyone gets the best from their time at the GreenHouse.  If you are interested in joining the Green Team please contact the Centre


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