The Late Shift



Places will initially be limited to six participants each day and the cost will be £20 per session.

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We will also be offering a late afternoon session for day service regulars between 3.30 and 5.00, initially just on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Instructors and day service staff will provide a programme of activities including canoeing, kayaking and motorboat, climbing, rifle shooting and archery, bushcraft, indoor games and sports.

Again the programme will be tailored to those in the group.  There will be a focus on activities that people don’t usually get the opportunity to do.

This is intended to be a fun, social experience; more of an activity club than a group session.

Length of Session

90 minutes

Session Times

Wednesdays and Fridays
3.30 and 5.00

Group Size

Up to 6 participants

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Terms & Conditions

QE2 Day Service will

  • provide a Late Shift session on Wednesday and  Friday each week between 3.30 am and 5.00 pm
  • provide a mixed timetable with a varied, stimulating programme
  • listen to service users and their ideas and views on the service
  • encourage people to make choices, be independent and play an active part in the group
  • work on a 1:4 staff ratio for the provision of day service activities;
  • treat everyone as an adult, with politeness and respect and have respect for privacy and dignity
  • keep all personal information confidential
  • ensure all staff have DBS checks and adequate training


The Service User (or representative) agrees

  • to arrive at QE2 Day Service on the agreed days and to telephone if they are unable to attend
  • to take part in group activities and make their wishes known
  • service users requiring 1:1 support will need to have arrangements in place to meet their needs
  • to listen to others and respect their points of view
  • to recognise that everyone needs to take turns at speaking/choosing activities
  • to listen to and follow instructions given by members of staff especially around health and safety
  • to not leave the premises or leave the group without the express permission of a member of staff
  • to talk to others if they are upset or have a problem so it can be sorted out
  • to treat everyone with politeness and respect.


QE2 day service and the service user or representative agree that:

  • payment for the sessions is £20 per session until further notice (review of charges will take place annually in April).
  • Invoices will be sent out monthly (by email, fax or post as agreed) and payment is expected two weeks after invoicing.
  • failure to pay fees as above may result in services being terminated,
  • missed sessions will be charged for,
  • the first 4 weeks is a trial period – at the end of this period we will have a review and both sides will decide whether to continue. During the trial period, payment will be charged.  If you decide not to continue at the end of the trial period, you will not be charged for any more sessions (but please telephone to let us know if you aren’t going to continue)
  • once the trial period is over, either party may give one month’s notice to terminate the agreement
  • QE2 Day Service will not be open on Bank Holidays or during Christmas week
  • you can take up to three weeks additional holiday each calendar year without being charged
  • QE2 Day Service reserve the right to immediately withdraw service in the event of bullying, harassment, verbal or physical abuse, threatening or inappropriate behaviour, discrimination or intimidation of staff, other service users or others by the service user. Any such incidents will be discussed and reviewed before deciding how to proceed.
  • each party will notify the other of any relevant changes in the service user’s circumstances, behaviour, health, etc. as appropriate.