We charge for our services because it costs money for us to provide them.  There are lots of changes going on right now with Self Directed Support and Personalisation.  What these mean is that you have a right to choose what sort of a service you want and there is help for you to achieve that. 

We would like you to choose QE2 Activity Centre but there are other services around.   If you are interested in taking part in day services at QE2 Activity Centre talk to your Care Manager or Social Worker and let them know.   Here’s a bit more information about this:

What does Self Directed Support (SDS) mean to me?

Self directed support is a way of giving me control and choice over how I want to live my life. Adult Social Care do an assessment and say how much money I will have to spend to help meet my needs. This is called my Personal Budget.

What does Personalisation mean?

  • It means that it is a new way to think about how to get care and support from within the Community.
  • It means finding new ways to give me more individual choices.
  • It means being able to take more control over my personal life.
  • It means that my Support Worker, Carer, PA, Family or Friends can help me achieve goals by working together for me.
  • It means that the Plans are about me and my cost needs and not just about money.
  • It means that people will listen and be able to help me to lead a more independent and safe life.
  • It means that a Personal Assistant (PA) can help with lots of jobs that some people without the necessary skills will find hard.
  • It means recognition that Central Government wants the Plan to be about the individuals’ specific needs and agreed Care.
  • It means that I am not controlled by what kind of services are currently available.
  • It means that recognition is given to me evolving and that my needs will change and be given support.
  • It means that my life is individually recognised, what I want and not standardised and regarded as unique to people who happen to have disabilities.

How is a Support Plan made?

My Care manager and I complete a Support Plan together to show how the Council will meet my needs. The Care Manager will talk with me and the people who I want to be involved, maybe a family member and discuss how I want to live my life, e.g. what I like, what I don’t like and how I want to be supported. My Care Manager could look at what activities I may be interested in such as drama or sports in my local area/Community, how I might become involved or how to employ a Personal Assistant to help me in my daily life. This last point is so important to me as my PA’s must be caring as well as strong for me and help run my home as well as escort me out and about. My Care Manager can look at what might happen if things go wrong by having a back-up plan so that I feel happy and am safe.

What happens when my Plan is agreed?

After my Plan is agreed my Care Manager will set a start date for the services or activities to begin. S/He will meet afterwards to see how well my support plan is working and whether any changes need to be made.


Those who said “it couldn’t be done” now say “it is being done”. It takes a “can do” attitude to realise success when experiencing budget cuts and changes. Supported Living Services have had to make changes, but maintain their work ethic and try to respond to individual needs of the person. Everyone working together has proved that willingness to think creatively has resulted in positive outcomes, including also for me.

From the CPStrust.co.uk website