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Monday to Friday; 9:30 to 3:30

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If you are interested in joining QE2 Activity Centre’s day services please contact the Centre.


We’ll invite you along for a visit so that you can see for yourself the different options that are available.   Then we’ll ask you to come along for a free taster day so you can spend the day with our staff and other team members taking part in a typical day.


We will listen to you and your carers so that we can meet your expectations and make your day with us a positive experience.


We want you to decide if it is the right service for you and whether or not you want to do the activities we do here.


We want to know that it is the right service for you, that you would be happy here, be able to take part in the activities we provide and find out how much support you would need.


And then . . . welcome aboard.

Length of Session

6 hours

Session Times

9:30am – 3:30pm

Group Size

up to eight people in each bubble

Book your slot today

Contact the Centre on 023 8040 4844 or by email [email protected] to find out more

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Terms & Conditions

consent forms must be completed and signed for each participant



  1. Service users must be accompanied by an appropriate level of staffing.
  2. QE2 Activity Centre staff are responsible for the safe running of activity sessions.
  3. Visiting staff retain overall responsibility for control of client’s behaviour and have responsibility for health issues.
  4. Visitors are responsible for the cost of repairs made necessary by any damage they may cause